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Pioneering Longevity

Gerostate Alpha is a new pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating aging and age-related disease. Incubating at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, we develop breakthrough pharmaceuticals through proprietary innovations to mitigate and reduce the effects of aging.


Why We Do It

We now know that aging is not inevitable. Over thirty years of research in the biology of aging using model organisms has shown that aging is plastic, tractable, and druggable—meaning it can be treated. It is our mission not only to increase health span and wellness, but to extend lifespan itself, well beyond what was once thought possible.

Who we are

An impassioned team of scientists bringing over 50 years combined experience to the front lines of age-related scientific discovery.

Profile Photograph of Simon Melov

Simon Melov, PH.D

/ founder, CEO

Simon is a professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, with expertise in interventions to slow aging and improve health span and lifespan.

Simon obtained his B.Sc in Human Genetics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College, University of London in Biochemistry. Simon has held numerous awards from the NIH, as well as sponsored research programs from the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Profile Photograph of Gordon Lithgow

Gordon Lithgow, PH.D

/ Founder

Gordon is Chief Academic Officer at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and specializes in the properties of small molecules to extend lifespan, having been internationally recognized for his work on aging with numerous awards and prizes.

Gordon obtained his B.Sc and PhD at the University of Glasgow before working in pharmaceuticals. After several years, he rejoined academia to collaborate with Simon Melov, joining the Buck Institute in 2000, where the two have worked together ever since.

Profile Photograph of Mark Lucanic

Mark Lucanic, PH.D

/ founder, CTO

Mark is an expert in small molecule and genetic screens and has significant experience with high throughput technologies, and has utilized simple model organisms to explore pharmacological extension of lifespan.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz where he graduated with highest honors. He earned his PhD studying developmental neuroscience at the University of California, Davis. Mark previously held a research assistant professor position at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Profile Photograph of Edward O. Lanphier II

Edward O. Lanphier II

/ Executive Chair

Edward brings more than 30 years of experience in the biotech industry to Gerostate Alpha, with expertise in growing a biotech company from inception to a publicly traded company. Edward is the former CEO of Sangamo Therapetuics (SGMO), where he helped pioneer the field of genome editing.

He has substantial experience in developing therapeutics, from the bench to the bedside, and in addition to his role as founder and CEO of Sangamo, he formerly held positions in Synergen, Eli Lily, and was Chairman of the Board at Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.


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